Crossroad Services

Transforming Trust in Trucking

Who We Service

Crossroad Services is your all-in-one solution to reduce costs, minimize risk, and grow your business.


Ranging from one account to multiple accounts.


Ranging from owning one truck to owning a fleet of Carriers and Owner-Operators.


Today’s transportation technology should work to improve transparency and communication, plus drive greater efficiencies for your business.

In this dynamic and fast-paced industry trust Crossroad Services to be your 24/7/365 support.

  • Direct Pay
    Crossroad Services pays your carriers directly

  • Fuel Advance
    Receive up to 50% fuel advance at no charge

  • No Term Agreement
    Zero termination fees

  • Loss Protection
    Nonrecourse on customer credit

Additional Services

We allow you to focus on growing your business without increasing costs. In addition, Crossroad Services enables seamless accounting support.

  • Credit Analysis
    Zero liability on unpaid invoices

  • Claim Administration
    Insurance claim processing from start to finish

  • Accounting Services
    Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Management

About Us

Crossroad Services unique business model takes the financial burden off of our customers without charging a Factoring Fee. We are more than a finance company, providing seamless processing from Direct Pay to Fuel Advance to Back-Office Support.

Our Mission

Be the backbone for Brokers and Carriers who put their trust in us.

  • Better service and technology

  • Fast and efficient processing

  • Reliable financial support

Rely on Us

Servicing 150+
Brokers and Carriers

Rely on Us

160,000+ Loads Moved

*2020 data

$400+ million
in funding


"One of the things that I love about Crossroad Services is that they pay my carriers directly, which in return allows me not to stress about carriers coming to my office for payment."
-George G., Galaxy Transportation, Inc.
"Crossroad Services gives my carriers the option to request fuel advances on the road. This helps me to not be concerned with having a fuel account or extra capital."
-Karen A., Concise Freight, Inc.
"Crossroad Services software is amazing. I can see my office statistics and my sales agent's numbers. It allows me to have an organized accounting system and not need any additional accounting software to run my business."
-Tim A., 1st Choice Transportation, Inc.